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Welcome to FlyPower®. In case you are interested, you have now entered the only site on the Internet totally devoted to the intricacies and pursuit of fly powered avionics.

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The gift that keeps on giving. Get your fat ass off the couch and away from the football games. Build a fly-powered airplane. It is more fun that a hot poker in the eye, and it is educational too! In fact you may even adopt a whole new attitude about learning. Give it a try and prove that what everyone is saying about you is untrue. Your're no idiot!

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Oh... Thank You, Thank You so much! This was just the perfect gift for my Charlie. In spite of his learning disability, he was able to build the plane in less than a month. Your instructions were very clear, and the materials were first rate. I also liked the fact that they were all "Made in the USA". Your customer service is second to none. I just love your company, and plan to order more kits for all my relatives this year.
Bertha Mae Williamson
Memphis, Tn.


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