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FlyPower Products

The FlyPower Construction kit includes all of the material you will need to construct two fully functional airplanes utilizing a common house fly as the engine.

The only additional tools needed are a razor blade or sharp knife, and a tube of Crazy Glue. Each Kit comes with

  • Fully illustrated instructions
  • Wing components for two aircraft
  • "Engine mounts" for two aircraft
  • Tips for modifications
  • Handling instructions

Patience and good planning are helpful attributes as is a modicum of hand-eye coordination. But don't fret, we've seen children put these together, so unless you have had one to many cocktails, you should have no problems

You will marvel at how agile these airplanes are and at their ability to zoom around obstacles. Indoors, they will fly toward the light, and outdoors, in calm conditions, they will soar out of sight. You've never seen anything like it.

You can even customize your plane with decorations or by attaching a banner to the back. The possibilities are almost endless.

Birthday card Each kit comes with a 100% materials defect, money back Guarantee. Since you supply the engine (the fly) , we can't give you a warranty on that We do provide some tips on Catching flies, so you should have an endless supply of cheap power plants. Use the Order Form to get your FlyPower kit today.

We even have Birthday Cards for the person who has everything. We guarantee, they don't have this! Each Birthday card comes with a Flypower kit attached inside. Order some today, and we'll send them to whomever you want . Just make sure you provide us with their mailing address and date of birth.

FlyPower kits make exceptional gifts for that budding scientist in the family, the overstressed executive or boss, or the housebound and infirmed. Share the magic and excitement with a friend.
Order yours Today!

New Products in the " Wings "

Ant BraceletPlans are on the table for several other unique and copyrighted designs, such as:

The Ant Bracelet ®. Which will be available by mid July. This is environmental Jewelry, with a twist.

The Ant Bracelet opens up a whole new world of fashion. It is unbelievable how the ants interact and play within the confines of your own personal traveling ant farm. After a day or so, you can release the ants and "recruit" a new crew for your "biodome".

Combine fun, fashion and science with the Ant Bracelet from FlyPower. You can order yours today for delivery by the end of the month. Be the first on your block to sport the newest form of environmental jewelry.

The Beetle Buggy® Car of the future.

When we put the buggy through the final quality control process , mandatory safety inspections, and certification by the inventor, we will be adding it to the FlyPower site. Stay Tuned for updated delivery times and availability.

We are also in production for the FlyPower Tee Shirts and Caps. These are both very cool.

FlyPower Tee Shirts and Caps

The Tee Shirt is all white with the FlyPower Logo on the breast and the FlyPower text Logo on the right sleeve. 100% cotton in heavy weight these Tee shirts are understated and elegant, just like us.

The FlyPower baseball cap is equally refined. A six panel all cotton cap in white with a navy bill, the Flypower Logo is embroidered on the front with the FlyPower text logo embroidered on the back, above the adjusting strap.

Both the Tee's and the Cap should be available by the end of July, and you can place your pre-delivery orders now. We guarantee people will ask you where you got them, and they are only available here on FlyPower.